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Government Resources and Websites on Flowers

Where can you find flowers in a Federal Depository collection?

the miniature rose marketed as 'Gizmo,' patent number 12,327

... in wildlife identification guides, such as
Common Wildflowers of Southern Kentucky (P.D. D103.2:) and Colorado Rare Plant Field Guide (P.D. A13.36/2:)

... in announcements of new plants at the U.S. National Arboretum, such as the flyers on new hardy camellias and miniature hybrid crapemyrtles (P.D. A77.38/2:)

... in gardening guides by the Department of Agriculture for specific species like the 'Golden Jubilee' black-eyed susan and the 'Indigo' silky dogwood (P.D. A1.68:)

... in our complete collection of plant patents, with color photographs of each new hybrid, like the miniature rose marketed as 'Gizmo,' patent number 12,327.

... and online at these government websites:

The United States National Arboretum
Great Lakes Plants
Desert Color
Growing and Marketing Cut Flowers
Summer Wildflowers

And don't forget the Home & Garden section of Sites By Subject on the Library's website for more suggestions.