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Books for Children


Potato: A Tale From The Great Depression

Ackerman, Karen
Moveable Mabeline

Brown, Fern
When Grandpa Wore Knickers

Burleigh, Robert
Home Run: The Story Of Babe Ruth

Curtis, Gavin
The Bat Boy & His Violin

Hall, Donald
The Milkman's Boy

Hurst, Carol Otis
Rocks In His Head

Kroeger, Mary Kay

Lied, Kate
Potato: A Tale From The Great Depression

Schreck Karen
Lucy's Family Tree

Turner, Ann
Dust For Dinner

Yolen, Jane
Letting Swift River Go

J Fiction

The Gawgon And The Boy

Adler, David
The Babe & I

Alexander, Lloyd
The Gawgon And The Boy

Barasch, Lynne
Radio Rescue

Cochrane, Patricia A.
Purely Rosie Pearl

Collier, James Lincoln
The Worst Of Times

Curtis, Christopher Paul
Bud, Not Buddy

DeFelice, Cynthia
Nowhere To Call Home

Friedrich, Elizabeth
Leah's Pony

Hesse, Karen
Out Of The Dust

Hoobler, Dorothy
The 1930s

Littlesugar, Amy
Tree Of Hope

Peck, Richard
A Long Way From Chicago

Ransom, Candice F.
Danger At Sand Cave

Ryan, Pam Munoz
Esperanza Rising

Reeder, Carolyn
Moonshiner's Son

Snyder, Zilpha Keatley
Cat Running

Tripp, Valerie
Meet Kit

Whitmore, Arvella
The Bread Winner

Willis, Patricia
The Barn Burner

J Nonfiction

Down Cut Shin Creek: The Pack Horse Librarians Of Kentucky

Down Cut Shin Creek: The Pack Horse Librarians Of Kentucky
Kathi Appelt
j027.076909 A646 2001

Kids At Work
Russell Freedman
j331.31092 qF853 1994

The Stock Market Crash Of 1929
Kristine Brennan
j338.540973 B838 2000

Going to School During The Great Depression
Kerry Graves
j370.973 qG776 2002

The Great Migration: An American Story
Jacob Lawrence
j759.13 qL421Zl 1993

Little Louis And The Jazz Band
Angela Shelf Medearis
j781.65092 A736Zme 1994

Babe Didrikson Zaharias: The Making Of A Champion
Russell Freedman
j796.352092 qZ19Zf 1999

The Girl Who Struck Out Babe Ruth
Jean Patrick
j796.357092 M681Zp 2000

The Good Old Days: Baseball in the 1930s
Thomas Gilbert
j796.357097 G466g 1996

Black Diamond: The Story Of The Negro Baseball Leagues
Patricia McKissack
j796.357097 M158 1994

Love To Langston
Tony Medina
j811.54 qH8932Zm 2002

James Weldon Johnson
Patricia McKissack
j818.5209 J67Zm 1990

The 1930s: From The Great Depression To The Wizard Of Oz
Stephen Feinstein
j973.9 F299n 2001

The Crash of '29 & The New Deal
Bruce Glassman

Ticket To The Twenties
Mary Blocksma
j973.91 qB651 1993

The 1930s
Petra Press
j973.91 P935 1999

Life During The Great Depression
Dennis Nishi
j973.916 N724 1998

The Great Depression
R. Conrad Stein
j973.917 qS819 1993

The Great Depression
Michael Burgan
j973.917 B954 2002

America In The Time Of Franklin Delano Roosevelt: 1929-1948
Sally Isaacs
j973.917092 qI73 2000

Dust Bowl: Disaster On The Plains
Tricia Andryszewski
j978 A577 1993

Children Of The Dust Days
Karen Coombs
j978.032 C775 2000