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Arts, Culture, and Everyday Life

930 Matchbook Advertising Cuts of the Twenties and Thirties

Fashions of the Thirties: 476 Authentic Copyright-Free Illustrations
391.009043 qF248 1993

Everday Fashions of the Thirties as Depicted in the Sears Catalog
391.00973 qE93

Art Deco Costumes
George Barbier
391.0944 ffB236 1988

New Complete Book Of Collectible Cars 1930-80
Richard M. Langworth
629.222207 qL287 1987

Science And Art Of Homemaking
Mary Winifred Cauley
640.7 36.1

Modern Cook Book For The Busy Woman: Including a Complete Guide to Kitchen Management
Mabel Claire
641 32.9

Foods and Home Making
Carlotta Cherryholmes Greer
640.7 33.1

Hows and Whys of Cooking
Evelyn Gertrude Halliday
641 33.8

Elsie De Wolfe's Recipes for Successful Dining
Elsie De Wolfe
641 34.7

Budget Cook Book
Ida Cogswell Bailey Allen
641 35.15

For Men Only: A Cook Book
Achmed Abdullah
641 37.3

Practical Cookery and the Etiquette and Service of the Table
Kansas. State College of Agriculture and Applied Science
641 38.1

American Woman's Cook Book
Delineator Home Institute
641 38.19

Prudence Penny's Cookbook
Leona Alford Malek
641.5 39

European Cookbook for American Homes (From Italy, Spain, Portugal and France)
Cora Lovisa Brackett Brown
641.594 36

Camp Catering, or, How to Rustle Grub for Hikers, Campers, Mountaineers, Packers, Canoers, Hunters and Fishermen
Louise Hildebrand
641.83 38

Automobiles and Automobile Engines
Charles Ray Strouse
656.32 34.14

Automobiles from Start to Finish
Franklin Mering Reck
656.32 q35.9

Automotive Money-Saving Facts
John Frost Winchester
656.32 36.3

Gasoline Automobile
Benjamin George Elliott
656.32 39.1

Christie's Art Deco
709.04012 qC555 2000

Art Deco Painting
Edward Lucie-Smith
709.04012 qL937 1996

Art Deco Identification and Price Guide
709.0406 O32 v.02 1993

Art Deco Architecture
Patricia Bayer
724.6 qB357 1992

Rediscovering Art Deco U.S.A.
Barbara Baer Capitman
724.6 qC244 1994

Cincinnati Union Terminal: The Design and Construction of an Art Deco Masterpiece
725.31 fC5742 1999

Classic Modern Homes of the Thirties
James Ford
728.370973 fF699 1989

Depression Modern: The Thirties Style in America
Martin Greif
745.4097 qG824

930 Matchbook Advertising Cuts of the Twenties and Thirties
741.694 qN714 1997

Decorative Thirties
Martin Battersby
745.444 qB335 1988

Art Deco Jewelry Designs in Full Color
745.449443 fI19Zp 1993

Book of Art Deco Alphabets
745.6197 qC784 1990

My Mother's Quilts: Designs from the Thirties
Sara Nephew
746.460973 qN439 1988

Authentic Art Deco Interiors and Furniture in Full Color
747.24409 fA939 1997

Restless Decade: John Gutmann's Photographs of the Thirties
John Gutmann
779.9973 qG984

Jazz Masters of the Thirties
Rex Stewart
785.42 S851

At the Center of the Frame: Leading Ladies of the Twenties and Thirties
William M. Drew
791.43028 qD776 1999

Movies of the Thirties
791.4375 qM9355

Films of the Thirties
Jerry Vermilye
791.4375 qV526

Listening to the Radio, 1920-1950
Ray Barfield
791.440973 B249 1996

Tune in Yesterday: The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio, 1925-1976
John Dunning
791.445 D924

Classic Songs of the 30s: Piano, Vocal, Chords
M3.064 qC614th 2001

Love Songs of the 30's: Piano, Vocal, Guitar
M3.064 fL8974 1995

Still More Songs of the Thirties
M3.064 fS8572 1995