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Periodicals From the 1930s

Looking through old magazines and newspapers from the 1930s is a wonderful way to take a trip through time. The advertisements are particularly enjoyable--while those for Campbell's soup and Libby's canned vegetables look familiar, Pontiac roadsters and Ford trucks sure have changed. So have the prices!

Time magazine is as timely a source for news of the 1930s as it is now. Today, another news weekly, is no longer published, but also gives information about the events of that period (1933-1937). For a pictorial look at the era, scan Life magazine. For fashion, peruse Vogue and Cosmopolitan. For home economics, try Better Homes and Gardens and Good Housekeeping. Saturday Evening Post is full of interesting short stories. And for sports enthusiasts, Sporting News covers the decade.

Other publications that cover most or all of the 1930s include:

Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature indexes many popular magazines of the period. Newsdex, the newspaper index created by Library staff, indexes local news from area newspapers of the day. The New York Times Index provides coverage from that national newspaper.

Back issues of these and other periodicals are available in the Magazines and Newspapers Department at the Main Library.