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For Children

Temple Cat by Andrew Clements

Picture Books

A Puzzling Day in the Land of the Pharaohs
Scoular Anderson
While on a field trip to the museum to learn about ancient Egypt, Mrs. Pudget’s class searches for hidden objects and solves puzzles in order to return to the present.

Temple Cat
Andrew Clements
A temple cat in ancient Egypt grows tired of being worshipped and cared for in a reverent fashion and travels to the seaside, where she finds genuine affection with a fisherman and his children.

Rotten Ralph Helps Out
Jack Gantos
Sarah’s cat Rotten Ralph tries to help her create a school project based on ancient Egypt, but he is more of a hindrance than a help.

Roy Gerrard
Two children in Ancient Egypt are rescued by a crocodile after they are kidnapped from the Pharaoh’s court.

I, Crocodile
Fred Marcellino
When a Nile crocodile is brought back to Paris by the Emperor Napoleon, it must not only struggle to get enough to eat, but escape from being eaten, too.

Children’s Nonfiction

Mummies, Bones & Body Parts
Charlotte Wilcox
j599.97 W667 2000
Describes the wide variety of human remains, the use and abuse of them, what they reveal about life in the past, and contemporary attitudes toward the dead.

Digging into the Past: Pioneers of Archeology
Lorna Greenberg
j930.10922 G798 2001
Lives in Science series looks at the contributions of archaeologists throughout history.

Pyramids! 50 Hands-On Activities to Experience Ancient Egypt
Avery Hart & Paul Mantell
j932 qH325 1997
Stories, activities, games, and culture of the ancient Egyptians.

Spend the Day in Ancient Egypt: Projects and Activities That Bring the Past to Life
Linda Honan
j932 qJ717 1999
Text, projects, and activities introduce daily life in ancient Egypt from the viewpoint of a fictional family celebrating a festival day in honor of one of their gods.

Edith Kunhardt
j932 K96 2000
This Road to Reading first chapter book describes how Ramses II, the powerful king of ancient Egypt, was made into a mummy after his death.

Egyptian Mummies: People from the Past
Delia Pemberton
j932 qP394 2001
Seven mummies from the British Museum give us clues about the lives of ordinary and extraordinary ancient Egyptians.

Cat Mummies
Kelly Trimble
j932 qT867 1996
Cats played an important part in Egyptian religious beliefs, and ancient Egyptians mummified hundreds of thousands of them.

Who Built the Pyramid?
Meredith Hooper
j932.013 qH787 2001
In storybook format, everyone from the king to the water carrier claims to be the one responsible for these giant ancient structures.

Hatshepsut: His Majesty, Herself
Catherine Andronik
j932.014092 qH365Za 2001
A picture book biography of Hatshepsut, a queen in ancient Egypt who declared herself king and ruled as such for more than twenty years.

Archaeology Magazines for Children

Dig, the Archaeology Magazine for Kids
Published by Cobblestone Publishing Company in cooperation with the Archaeological Institute of America; archaeology, paleontology, and earth sciences for children 8–13 years.

Children’s Fiction (j fiction)

Kat and the Secrets of the Nile
Emma Bradford
In the Stardust Classics time travel series, Kat uncovers a plot to steal historical treasures—and blame an innocent man—at an archaeological dig in Egypt of 1892.

I Am the Mummy Heb-Nefert
Eve Bunting
A mummy recalls her past life in ancient Egypt as the beautiful wife of the Pharaoh’s brother.

Pepi and the Secret Names
Jill Paton Walsh
As he paints the lion, hawk, crocodile, and cobra that his son has managed to coax to serve as models for the decorations on the tomb of Prince Dhutmose, Pepi’s father
captures an even more important animal.

Tut, Tut
Jon Scieszka
Another humorous adventure of the Time Warp Trio sends the friends into the ancient civilization of Egypt.

The Vandemark Mummy
Cynthia Voigt
When, as the new Classics professor at Vandemark College, their father is made responsible for a collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, twelve-year-old Phineas and his
older sister Althea try to find out why the collection is the target of thieves, especially when the mummy disappears.

Place in the Sun
Jill Rubalcaba
In ancient Egypt, the gifted young son of a sculptor is taken into slavery when he attempts to save his father’s life, and is himself almost killed before his exceptional talent leads Pharaoh to name him Royal Sculptor.