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Fiction and Literature


Festival of Deaths by Jane Haddam

Festival of Deaths
Jane Haddam

The Jewish Holidays on Parade: A Pageant Play
Dorothy F. Zeligs
812.52 qZ49j 1940

Rejoice in Thy Festival: A Treasury of Wisdom, Wit and Humor for the Sabbath and Jewish Holidays
Philip Goodman
808.87 G653

Christmas Classics

A Christmas Memory
Truman Capote

Miracle on 34th Street
Valentine Davies

A Christmas Carol and Other Stories
Charles Dickens

The Good Shepherd
Gunnar Gunnarsson

The Homecoming
Earl Hamner

Village Christmas
Miss Read

Christmas—from Heartwarming to Humorous

A Hamptons Christmas
James Brady

Christmas in Calico
Jack Curtis

A Midnight Carol: A Novel of How Charles Dickens Saved Christmas
Patricia K. Davis

The Christmas Quilt: A Novel
Thomas J. Davis

Then Came Christmas
Randy Lee Eickhoff

Skipping Christmas
John Grisham

Christmas in Harmony
Philip Gulley

The Mitford Snowmen
Jan Karon

An Irish Christmas Feast: The Best of John B. Keane
John B. Keane

Holidays On Ice by David Sedaris

Marley’s Ghost
Mark Hazard Osmun

When Angels Sing
Turk Pipkin

The Shoe Box
Francine Rivers

Holidays On Ice
David Sedaris

Fallen Angel: A Novel
Don J. Snyder

Miracle & Other Christmas Stories
Connie Willis

Christmas Mysteries

The Twelve Deaths of Christmas
Marian Babson

The Foggy, Foggy Dew
Charity Blackstock

Hercule Poirot’s Christmas
Agatha Christie

A Stillness in Bethlehem
Jane Haddam

The Christmas Night Murders
Lee Harris

Christmas Cookie Murder by Leslie Meier

Sugarplum Dead: A Dead on Demand Mystery
Carolyn Hart

Mad as the Dickens
Toni L.P. Keiner

Tied Up in Tinsel
Ngaio Marsh

Christmas Cookie Murder
Leslie Meier

The Ice Harvest
Scott Phillips

A Deadly Little Christmas: A Caroline Rhodes Mystery
Mary Welk

More Christmas Tales, Plays, Poems, and Stories

A Peanuts Christmas
Charles Schulz
741.5973 qS388chri 2002

A Celtic Christmas: Classic Tales from the Emerald Isle
Mairtin O’Griofa, Editor
398.236 C394 1996

A Christmas Feast: A Treasury of Yuletide Stories and Poems for the Whole Family
James Charlton and Barbara Gilson, Editors
808.8033 C555

Pearl S. Buck’s Book of Christmas
Pearl S. Buck
808.803 C555bu

A Treasury of Christmas Joy: An Inspirational Collection of Stories, Carols, Verses & Poems

Treasury of Christmas Stories
Ann McGovern, Editor
808.803 C555tr

A Treasury of Christmas Joy: An Inspirational Collection of Stories, Carols, Verses & Poems
Paul M. Miller, Editor
808.8032 T7842 1999

The Christmas Eve Reader:
James Charlton and Barbara Gilson, Editors
808.8033 C5551 1977

Christmas Stories: Tales of the Season
John Miller, Editor
808.8033 C5552 1993

Christmas Readings To Recapture the Wonder of the Season
Sanna Anderson Baker and Mary Horner, Editors
808.8033 qC5553 1995

The Home Book of Christmas: A Treasury of Songs, Stories, History, Tradition and Much More
May Lamberton Becker, Editor
808.8033 H765

Christmas Tales for Reading Aloud
Robert Lohan, Editor
808.8033 L833 1946

Merry Christmas: Festive Stories, Songs, Poems, Recipes, and Gift Ideas for the Holidays
Barbara Milo Ohrbach
808.8033 M573 1992

A New Christmas Treasury
Jack Newcombe, Editor
808.8033 N532 1991

A Treasury of Christmas Classics
808.8033 T784 1994

Let’s Celebrate Christmas: Parties, Plays, Legends, Carols, Poetry, Stories
Horace J. Gardner
808.80334 G227 1940

A Christmas Book: Fifty Carols and Poems from the 14th to the 17th Centuries
Eleanor Sayre, Editor
808.8193 C555s

Poems of Christmas
Myra Cohn Livingston, Editor
808.8193 P744

A Christmas Feast: Poems, Sayings, Greetings and Wishes
Edna Barth, Editor
808.81933 C555

O Holy Night: Masterworks of Christmas Poetry
Johann M. Moser, Editor
808.81933 O11 1995

Welcome Christmas: A Garland of Poems
Annie Thaxter Eaton, Editor
808.819334 E14 1955

Canine Christmas: Fifteen Merry Mysteries To Make a Dog Lover’s Christmas Complete

A Treasury of Christmas Plays: Royalty-Free Stage and Radio Dramas for Young Players
Sylvia E. Kamerman, Editor
808.82 K15t 1972

Canine Christmas: Fifteen Merry Mysteries To Make a Dog Lover’s Christmas Complete
Jeffrey Marks, Editor
808.83872 C223 1999

Tales of Christmas from Near and Far
Herbert H. Wernecke, Editor
808.83933 W491 1963

Christmastide: A Catholic Treasury for Young and Old
William J. Roehrenbeck, Editor
808.839334 C555 1948

A Fireside Book of Yuletide Tales
Edward Wagenknecht, Editor
808.839334 W131 1948

The Fireside Book of Christmas Stories
Edward Wagenknecht, Editor
808.839334 W131f 1945

Once Upon a Christmas: Holiday Stories To Warm the Heart
Alice Gray, Editor
810.80334 qO58 2001

A Treasury of African-American Christmas Stories
Bettye Collier-Thomas, Editor
810.80334 T784 1998

Winter Song: Christmas Readings
Madeleine L’Engle & Luci Shaw
810.8035 W788 1996

Christmas Gif’: An Anthology of Christmas Poems, Songs, and Stories Written by and about Negroes
Charlemae Rollins, Editor
810.889 R754

A Memory of Christmas Tea
Tom Hegg
811.54 qH463m 1999

Christmas Blessings
Helen Steiner Rice
811.54 qR496c 1996

Christmas by the Book and Other Plays
Sandra Cowsill
812.54 C876c 1992

Joy to the World: A Variety Collection of Six Christmas Programs for the Church Family
L.G. Enscoe & Annie Enscoe
812.54 E59 1994

A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley: A Dramatic Adaptation
Israel Horovitz
812.54 H816ch 1979

Christmas Threads: Four Romantic Novellas about Cherished Family Traditions

Christmas in My Heart VIII: A Treasury of Timeless Christmas Stories
Joe L. Wheeler, Editor
813.010833 C55538 1999

Christmas Threads: Four Romantic Novellas about Cherished Family Traditions
Andrea Boeshaar, Gail Gaymer Martin, Colleen L. Reece, Janet Spaeth
813.010833 C5555 2000

Christmas in My Soul
Joe Wheeler, Editor
813.010833 C5556 2000

Christmas in My Soul: A Second Collection
Joe Wheeler, Editor
813.010833 C5557 2001

Gift of Love: Gifts Are Given in Love in These Four Modern Romance Stories
Carol Cox, Pamela Griffin, Veda Boyd Jones, Darlene Mindrup
813.010833 G458 2000

To Follow a Star: Nine Science Fiction Stories about Christmas
Terry Carr, Editor
813.0876 T627

The Christmas Box Miracle: My Spiritual Journey of Destiny, Healing and Hope
Richard Paul Evans
813.54 E92Ze 2001

Miracle on 10th Street & Other Christmas Writings
Madeleine L’Engle
813.54 qL566 1998

Once Upon a Christmas: A Collection
Pearl Buck
818.5209 qB922

The Christmas Pony
Helen McCully & Dorothy Crayder
818.5403 M133c

Christmas in Ireland
Colin Morrison, Editor
820.8033 C5552 1998

The Irish Christmas Book
John Killen, Editor
820.8033 I68

Christmas Poems edited by John Hollander and J.D. McClatchy

Garlands for Christmas: Christmas Poems
Chad Walsh, Editor
821.008 W223g

Christmas Poems
John Hollander and J.D. McClatchy, Editors
821.008033 C5551 1999

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol
Charles Dickens
823.8 D548Zdi4 1996

The Christmas Story Book
Ineke Verschuren, Editor
839.31301 S838E 1988

Christmas in Scandinavia
Sven H. Rossel & Bo Elbrond-Bek
839.5 C555 1996

Nativity Poems
Joseph Brodsky
891.7144 R864rE 2001


Winter Nights: Three Holiday Romance Stories
Francis Ray, Shirley Hailstock, and Donna Hill
813.010899 R263 1998

New Year’s

New Year’s Eve: A Novel
Lisa Grunwald

Scarlet Feather
Maeve Binchy

Silvia Foti

Holiday Toasts & Graces
Barbara Kohn, Editor
808.859 H732 1993