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February 2003

Black History Month

Black History Month is observed every February to celebrate the contributions of African Americans to U.S. history and culture, and to commemorate the long struggle to have those contributions recognized. The library staff has selected some materials to help you mark the occasion this year.

Publishers are now recognizing the readership eager for fiction that reflects the voices and experiences of African Americans. Here is a short list of recent titles (including mysteries) you may not have heard about.

The heroes and history of the emancipation and civil rights movement are always popular subjects for reading and study. Try a few of these books or ask your librarian for more suggestions.

African-American arts and culture are a rich part of the American experience. Celebrate them with these books selected from the library’s collections.

The living voices and images of legendary and little-known African Americans are captured on videos and DVDs. Documentaries and feature films offer a fascinating addition to the testimony of a people’s history and culture.

Books written for children and for teens help pass on the memories and legacy of African Americans. Share a few of them with your family.

The newsstands offer many popular magazines and newspapers of African-American culture, but there are many more periodicals devoted to black history, arts, and enterprise. Here are just a few titles.

Government documents provide an interesting record of the changing attitudes to race and culture in U.S. history. The Public Documents and Patents Department at the Main Library has chosen a few items from its collection to illustrate the variety of materials available.

Of course the Internet is an endless source of material, from personal homepages to government and university sites and the webpages of major African-American organizations.

And don’t miss our previous list highlighting Black History Month from February 2001.

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