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February 2003

Black History Month—Government Documents

Although information on black history is located throughout the library, the Public Documents & Patents Department contains many of the primary documents on which other books and articles are based. For example, the department houses the official census data dating back to 1850, which includes statistics on race, income, and occupation. The collection also includes major legislation, congressional reports, and Supreme Court cases dealing with civil rights.

Other titles of interest:

The African-American Mosaic
LC 1.6/4: AF 8
A resource guide to the study of African-American history and culture from the Library of Congress.

Anna J. Cooper: A Voice from the South
SI 1.2: C 78
Well-illustrated biography of the remarkable teacher who was one of the first African-American women college graduates and whose students were the first African Americans to be admitted to Ivy League colleges.

Black Americans in Defense of Our Nation
D 1.2: B 56 1991
A popular history of African Americans in the military with statistics, portraits, and military academy rosters.

Black Family Research
AE 1/124: 108
A listing of records of post-Civil War federal agencies, available at the National Archives.

A Glimmer of Their Own Beauty: Black Sounds of the Twenties
SI 11.2: B 38
Portraits and biographies of the black musicians who reached fame during the Jazz Age.

Go Well, My Child
SI 1.2: C43
A stunning collection of South African photographs by American photographer Constance Stuart Larabee, with an introduction by Alan Paton.

In Those Days: African-American Life Near the Savannah River
D 103.2: SA 9/5
An anthropological study of the northern Savannah River area based on oral histories and documents from the African-American population.

Out of Africa: From West African Kingdoms to Colonization
SI 1.2: AP 8
A well-illustrated description of the archeology and documentation that underlies the history of the slave trade.

Records of Military Agencies Relating to African Americans from the post-World War I period to the Korean War
AE 1.124: 105
Sources of African-American service records at the National Archives.

Slavery in the Courtroom
LC 1.12/2: SL1/2
An annotated bibliography of American court cases dealing with slavery, with case summaries.

Washington from Banneker to Douglass 1791–1870
SI 11.2: W 27/791–870
A history of the nation’s capital as it dealt with slavery and its African-American population.