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February 2003

Black History Month—Heroes and History

Remembering Slavery: African Americans Talk about Their Personal Experiences of Slavery and Freedom

Remembering Slavery: African Americans Talk about Their Personal Experiences of Slavery and Freedom
305.567 R386 1998

We Had a Dream: A Tale of the Struggle for Integration in America
Howard Kohn
305.800975 K79 1998

The Unsteady March: The Rise and Decline of Racial Equality in America
Philip A. Klinkner
305.896073 K65 1999

Remembering Jim Crow: African Americans Tell About Life in the Segregated South
305.896073 R386 2001

Stylin’: African American Expressive Culture from Its Beginnings to the Zoot Suit
Shane White and Graham White
305.896073 W588 1998

Better Day Coming: Blacks and Equality, 1890–2000
Adam Fairclough
323.119607 F165b 2001

Why We Can’t Wait
Martin Luther King, Jr.
323.119607 K53w 2000

We Return Fighting: The Civil Rights Movement in the Jazz Age
Mark R. Schneider
323.119607 S359 2002

At the Hands of Persons Unknown: The Lynching of Black America
Philip Dray
364.134 D768 2002

What a Time to Live: The Autobiography of James B. Hamilton
James B. Hamilton
540.92 H218Zh 1995

Black Inventors
Nathan Aaseng
609.2273 A115 1997

Against the Odds: Blacks in the Profession of Medicine in the United States
Wilbur H. Watson
610.695208 W343 1999

The Path We Tread: Blacks in Nursing Worldwide, 1854–1994
Mary Elizabeth Carnegie
610.7308996 C289 1995

Early Black American Leaders in Nursing: Architects for Integration and Equality
Althea T. Davis
610.730922 D261 1999

Forged by the Knife: The Experience of Surgical Residency from the Perspective of a Woman of Color
Patricia L. Dawson
617.007155 D272 1999

Under the Knife: How a Wealthy Negro Surgeon Wielded Power in the Jim Crow South
Hugh Pearson
617.092 G851Zp 2000

Never Question the Miracle: A Surgeon’s Story
Rose-Marie Toussaint
617.092 T734Zt 1998

A Struggle Worthy of Note: The Engineering and Technological Education of Black Americans
David E. Wharton
620.008996073 W553 1992

Soaring above Setbacks: The Autobiography of Janet Harmon Bragg, African American Aviator
Janet Harmon Bragg
629.13092 B813Zb 1996

Bessie Coleman, the Brownskin Lady Bird
Elizabeth Hadley Freydberg
629.13092 C692Zf 1994

Queen Bess: Daredevil Aviator
Doris L. Rich
629.13092 C692Zr 1993

Loving’s Love: A Black American’s Experience in Aviation
Neal V. Loving
629.13092 L911ZL 1994

A Hard Road to Glory: A History of the African-American Athlete
Arthur R. Ashe
796.089 A824 v.1–3

Roll, Jordan, Roll: The World the Slaves Made
Eugene D. Genovese
917.506 G335

The Slave Narrative: Its Place in American History
Marion Wilson Starling
973.00496 S795 1988

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
Harriet Jacobs
973.0496024 J17 1988

The African Americans
973.0496073 fA258 1993

Parting the Waters: America in the King Years, 1954–1963
Taylor Branch
973.0496073 B816

Pillar of Fire: America in the King Years, 1963–65
Taylor Branch
973.0496073 B816p 1998

Ralph Bunche: An American Life
Brian Urquhart
973.0496073 B942Zu 1993

From Slavery to Freedom: A History of African Americans
John Hope Franklin
973.0496073 F832 2000

Hope and History: Why We Must Share the Story of the Movement
Vincent Harding
973.0496073 H263 1990

Denmark Vesey’s Revolt: The Slave Plot that Lit a Fuse to Fort Sumter
John Lofton
973.54 L829d

The Underground Railroad from Slavery to Freedom
Wilbur Henry Siebert
973.7115 S571 1968a

The Slave Community: Plantation Life in the Antebellum South
John W. Blassingame
975.00496 B644 1979

His Promised Land: The Autobiography of John P. Parker, Former Slave and Conductor on the Underground Railroad
John P. Parker
975.00496073 P241Zp 1996

Gabriel’s Rebellion: The Virginia Slave Conspiracies of 1800 and 1802
Douglas R. Egerton
975.503 E29 1993