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February 2003

Black History Month—Periodicals



Here is a sample of publications featuring African-American culture, history, and concerns. The Index to Black Periodicals (R016.917306 qI38 1950–2001+), available in the Magazines and Newspapers Department of the Main Library, provides access to many such publications.

American Legacy: Celebrating African-American History and Culture
This periodical tells stories about places and people who have made important contributions and offers interesting but little-known facts from U.S. history.

Black Enterprise
This magazine has covered African-American economic history since its founding in 1970. It deals with every aspect of black economic life from small-business development to black-owned industrial/service corporations.

This general interest magazine reports on African-American professionals, celebrities, and issues.

A magazine for and about African-American women, this celebrates achievements and chronicles social movements and beauty trends.

Family Digest: Smarter, Healthier, Happier Black Families
This title is designed for African-American families and the issues they face.

A weekly magazine that provides news coverage on African Americans in the United States and all over the world.

The Journal of African American History
Formerly The Journal of Negro History, this periodical, founded in 1916, is still the leader among scholarly publications devoted to African-American history.

Nasaba Magazine
Nasaba is a Swahili word that means culture, heritage, and lineage. This publication has an international perspective on issues of importance to African Americans, ranging from family and health issues, sports and beauty, to politics.

The New Crisis: Magazine of Opportunities and Ideas
The official publication (formerly called Crisis) of the NAACP, this was founded in 1910 by legendary scholar W.E.B. DuBois.

Savoy: Power. Substance. Style.
A publication for African-American men that covers celebrities, style, politics, and social commentary.


Many regional and special interest newspapers also focus on African-American culture and community. The Index to Black Newspapers (R071.3 qI38 1977–1989), available in the Magazine and Newspaper Department, provides access to some older issues.

Baltimore Afro-American (National Edition)
April 29, 1893–1988

Birmingham World (Alabama)
1945–1986, 1988–1989

Chicago New Crusader

Cincinnati Herald
March 17, 1961–current

Cincinnati Union
October 5, 1918–September 22, 1923

Cleveland Call and Post
1934–1989, 1996, 1998–current

Daily World (Atlanta)
December 2, 1931–1989

Dallas Post Tribune
January 3, 1959–December 24, 1966, 1988–1989

(Detroit) Michigan Chronicle

Gary Crusader (Indiana)
1964–1979, 1988–1989

Houston Forward Times
January 30, 1960–1983

Indiana Herald (Indianapolis)
September 26, 1953–1981

Kansas City Call (Kansas City, Missouri)
October 8, 1954–1989

Los Angeles Sentinel
1969–1989, 1996–June 2000, January 2001–June 2002+

Louisville Defender

Milwaukee Courier
June 27, 1964–1989

Muslim Journal (Chicago)
October 1961–current

New Pittsburgh Courier

New York Amsterdam News
1962–January 2, 2002+

Norfolk Journal & Guide (Virginia)
September 30, 1916–October 13, 1917, 1921–1989

Philadelphia Tribune

Pittsburgh Courier
March 25, 1911–1912, 1923–1993

St. Louis Argus
October 8, 1954–1985