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April 2003

For the Record Books: Baseball’s Bests

The cover of Baseball’s Other All-Stars by William F. McNeil

Baseball’s Other All-Stars: The Greatest Players from the Negro Leagues, the Japanese Leagues, the Mexican League, and the pre-1960 Winter Leagues in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic
William F. McNeil
796.357092 M169 2000

The Bounce: Baseball Teams’ Great Falls and Comebacks
G. Richard McKelvey
796.357097 M154 2001

Great Home Runs of the 20th Century
Rich Westcott
796.357097 W524 2001

Heroes of the Hall: Baseball’s All-Time Best
Ron Smith
796.357092 qS658h, 2002

Leveling the Field: An Encyclopedia of Baseball’s All-Time Great Performances as Revealed through Adjusted Statistics
G. Scott Thomas
796.357021 T456 2002

The 100 Greatest Baseball Games of the 20th Century Ranked
Joseph J. Dittmar
796.357097 D617g 2000

The 100 Greatest Baseball Players of the 20th Century Ranked
Mark McGuire and Michael Sean Gormley.
796.35709 M148 2000

Perfect: The Inside Story of Baseball’s Sixteen Perfect Games
James Buckley Jr.
796.357092 B924p 2002

Statistically Speaking: A Guide to Baseball’s Twentieth Century Best
Cullen Deck
796.35764 qD295 2000

The 25 Greatest Baseball Teams of the 20th Century Ranked
Chris Holaday and Marshall Adesman
796.357097 H722 2000