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April 2003

The Video Coach: Baseball & Softball Instruction/Fundamentals on Video & CD-ROM

The cover of Coaching Youth Baseball

Aggressive Base Running
VHS 6600

Base Running for Softball: Skills & Drills
VHS 12352

VHS 2810

The Baseball Masters
VHS 9444 vol.1–vol.4

Baseball: The Pete Rose Way
VHS 639

Best in the Business
VHS 3503
Barry Larkin

Bragg Stockton’s Baseball Skills & Drills
VHS 2122 vol.1–vol.6

Backyard Baseball
CD-ROM 796.357 B126 1999

Catching for Softball
VHS 12356

Coaching Youth Baseball
VHS 13577

Fast-Pitch Pitching Skills & Drills
VHS 12353

The Fifty-Nine Minute Baseball Practice
VHS 10475

Hitting; Developing Bat Speed
VHS 12351

Hitting Skills & Drills
VHS 12348

Hitting Skills & Drills for Youth Baseball Players
VHS 12346

Hitting with Ken Griffey, Jr.
VHS 3187

Little League’s Official How-to-Play Baseball by Video
VHS 3105

Mom, Can You Teach Me How to Hit?
VHS 13202

Outfield Play for Softball
VHS 12354

Pitching Drills & Fielding Skills for Youth Baseball Players
VHS 12347

Pitching Mechanics
VHS 12349

Playing & Coaching Winning Baseball & Softball
VHS 8494

Putting It Together: Softball Instructional
VHS 3360

Softball Power Offense
VHS 12355

Softball, Putting It Together
VHS 3360
women’s softball

Teaching Kids Baseball with Jerry Kindall
VHS 3321