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April 2003

Baseball Websites

The Official Site of the Cincinnati Reds

John Skilton’s Baseball Links
A comprehensive, up-to-date site with links to information about baseball on every level, from the major leagues to youth baseball to “fantasy/rotisserie baseball.”
Another general site, with easy links to the homepages of major league teams.

USA Today Baseball
Baseball news, thoroughly and frequently updated.

Cincinnati Reds
Homepage of the Reds.

Major League Baseball
The official site of Major League Baseball. Includes a scoreboard of games in progress, team standings, statistics, and schedules; information on players, teams, and trades; and news of minor league teams.

Minor League Baseball
Information about Minor League teams, searchable by team, league, or location.

National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
The official “Cooperstown” Hall of Fame website.

Negro League Baseball
Two sites devoted to the players and teams of the Negro Leagues.

All-American Girls Professional Baseball League
Dedicated to the women who played in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League from 1943 to 1954.

Umpires’ Resource Center
The Amateur Baseball Umpires’ Association information center.

Baseball Salaries
USA Today’s baseball salaries database, covering 1988 through the current season. Searchable by player, with additional searches for median and total team salaries.

Ballparks, Stadiums, and Arenas
Seating charts, photos, and descriptions of baseball parks and other venues used for professional and college sports events.

The Deadball Era: Where Every Player Is Safe at Home
A site dedicated exclusively to the memory of deceased major league baseball players—when they died and how they died. Includes listings by accidental death, suicides, and murders; listings of gravesites; and material on player personalities and character traits.

Bats Incredible!
The website for Cincinnati’s 2003 public art project.