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May 2003

Other Quick Reads

Letters from the Front

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff—And It’s All Small Stuff: Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things from Taking over Your Life
Richard Carlson
158.1 C284d 1997
The original title in a series that now includes “small stuff” books specifically for men, for women, for relationships, and for families.

Quotable King: Words of Wisdom, Inspiration, and Freedom by and about Dr. Martin
Luther King, Jr.
Steve Eubanks
323 K53zq 2002

Letters from Robben Island
Edited by Robert Vassen
323.092 K19xv 1999

Letters from the Front
Judith Millidge
355.00922 qM654 2002

Bride’s Little Book of Customs and Keepsakes
By the Editors at Bride’s Magazine
392.5 B8512 1994
The “why” of wedding traditions, in less than 50 pages.

10 Minute Ecologist: 20 Answered Questions for Busy People Facing Environmental Issues
John Janovy
577 J34 1997

Seuss-isms for Success: Insider Tips on Economic Health from the Good Doctor
Dr. Seuss
650.1 S496 1999

The New Yorker Book of Baseball Cartoons
741.5973 N53243 2003

The New Yorker Book of Literary Cartoons
741.5973 qN5321 2000

Amphigorey: Fifteen Books
Edward Gorey
741.973 qG666a

He’s Got the Whole World in His Pants: And More Misheard Lyrics
Gavin Edwards
781.630207 E26 1996

’Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy, and Other Misheard Lyrics
Gavin Edwards
782.42164 E26 1995

Cheatin’ Hearts, Broken Dreams, and Stomped-On Love: The All-Time Funniest Country Western Music Song Titles
James McMullan
782.421642 M168

3 Black Chicks Review Flicks: A Film and Video Guide with Flava
Kamal Larsuel-Ulbricht
791.4375 L334 2002

Cinema Nation: The Best Writing on Film from the Nation, 1913–2000
791.4375 C5741 2000

Movie Love: Complete Reviews 1988–1991
Pauline Kael
791.4375 K11m 1991

Nobody’s Perfect: Writings from the New Yorker
Anthony Lane
791.4375 L265 2002

One Thousand And One Poems of Mankind: Memorable Short Poems from the World’s Chief Literatures
Edited by Henry W. Wells
808.1 W454t

Haiku Moment: An Anthology of Contemporary North American Haiku
Edited by Bruce Ross
811.0408 H1491 1993

The Really Short Poems of A.R. Ammons
A.R. Ammons
811.54 A521r 1990

One-Act Plays for Acting Students: An Anthology of Short One-Act Plays for One, Two, or Three Actors
Edited by Norman A. Bert
812.041 058

Short Plays for Young Actors
Edited by Craig Slaight and Jack Sharrar
812.041089 S559 1995

The Best American Short Plays
Edited by Mark Glubke
812.08 B56 2000/01

Short Plays and Monologues
David Mamet
812.54 M2634sh

Short And Sweet: Monologues for Young Actors
Willie Reale
812.54 R288s 2000

The Oxford Book of Short Poems
Edited by P.J. Kavanagh and James Michie
821.008 O985 1985

A Poem A Day
Edited by Karen McCosker & Nicholas Albery
821.008 P7447 1996

The Hip Flask: Short Poems from Ireland
Edited by Frank Ormsby
821.008099 H667 2000

Eight Lines and Under: An Anthology of Short, Short Poems
Edited by William Cole
821.9108 C689

The Pocket Companion to Shakespeare’s Plays: The Newly Revised Reference to All 38 Plays
J.C. Trewin
822.33 GT817 1994

National and International Politics in the Middle East: Essays in Honour of Elie Kedourie
Edited by Edward Ingram
956 N277

A Short History of the United States
Allan Nevins
973 N52a 1966

African American History and Radical Historiography: Essays
in Honor of Herbert Aptheker
973.0496073 A2588 1998

A Short History of the Roman Empire to the Death of Marcus Aurelius
R.H. Barrow
937.06 W45 1950

The Imperiled Union: Essays on the Background of the Civil War
Kenneth M. Stampp
973.71 S783

A Short History of Reconstruction, 1863–1877
Eric Foner
973.8 F673S 1990

Sweet Liberty: Travels in Irish America
Joseph O’Connor
973.92 O17Zo 1996

The Sweet Hell Inside: A Family History
Edward Ball
975.79150099 H284Zb 2001