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May 2003

Got a Minute? Quick Things to Do

10-Minute Yoga: 100 Personal Programmes for Daily Practice

One Minute for Myself: A Small Investment, a Big Reward
Spencer Johnson
158.1 J69m

Better Phonics and beyond in 5 Minutes a Day: Phonics Fun for Kids and Parents on the Go
Lisa Deters
372.465 D479 2001

Better Test-Taking Skills in 5 Minutes a Day: Fun Activities to Boost Test Scores for Kids and Parents on the Go
Mark Pennington
371.26 P414 2001

10-Minute Yoga: 100 Personal Programmes for Daily Practice
Donald Butler
613.7046 qB985 1999

The 10-Minute L.E.A.P.: Lifetime Exercise Adherence Plan
Richard L. Brown
613.71 B879 1998

Ten Minute Trim Tummies & Shapely Fannies
Gloria Thomas
613.71 T456 2001

The 5-Minute Child Health Advisor
618.92 F565 1998

Catch Your Dog Doing Something Right: How to Train Any Dog in Five Minutes a Day
Krista Cantrell
636.70835 C233 1998

The Lazy Cook: Delicious Recipes That Take Ten Minutes or Less
Catherine O. McManus
641.555 M167 1996

Low-Carb Meals in Minutes
Linda Gassenheimer
641.5635 G251 2000

Great Vegetarian Cooking under Pressure: Two-Hour Taste in Ten Minutes
Lorna J. Sass
641.5636 qS252g 1994

French Cooking in Ten Minutes: Or, Adapting to the Rhythm of Modern Life (1930)
Edouard De Pomiane
641.5944 P786cE 1994

The Five-Minute Hors D’Oeuvres
Joan Moss
641.812 M913 1993

Five-Minute Pasta Sauces
Michael Oliver
641.822 O48 1996

The 10-Minute Table Decorator
642.8 qT289 1999

Sewing With Nancy: 10-20-30 Minutes to Sew for Your Home
Nancy Luedtke Zieman
646.21 qZ66 2002

10-20-30 Minutes To Sew
Nancy Zieman
646.404 qZ66t 1992

The Five-Minute Hair Stylist
Christine Moodie
646.724 M817 1991

The Five Minute Eye Makeover
Christine Moodie
646.726 M817 1992

5-Minute Facelift
Robert The
646.726 T374 1997

10-Minute Life Lessons For Kids: 52 Fun and Simple Games and Activities to Teach Your Child Trust, Honesty, Love, and Other Important Values
Jamie C. Miller
649.1 M648 1998

300 Three Minute Games: Quick and Easy Activities of 2–5 Year Olds
Jackie Silberg
793 S582 1997

Two-Minute Bridge Tips
Frank Stewart
795.415 S849t 1992

Short Bike Rides in Ohio
Kay Wert Minardi
796.640977 M663 1998

Six Little Piano Pieces
Arnold Schoenberg
M6.2 fS365k 1940

Twenty Short Pieces for Piano: Sports et Divertissements
Erik Satie
M6.21858 qS253s 1982

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Little Note Book for Anna Magdalena Bach, Complete
Johann Sebastian Bach
M6.4 qB11no

Minute Waltz: Opus 64, No.1
Frederic Chopin
M5.7194 qC549w64n1 1996

4'33": For Any Instrument or Combination of Instruments
John Cage
M1.32 qC131f 1993