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June 2004

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Field Guide to Common Western Grasshoppers, 2nd Edition
Robert E. Pfadt, University of Wyoming, 1994
P.D. A 1.36:1809
Identification guide with chapters on chemical and biological control of grasshoppers. A part of the Grasshopper Integrated Pest Management Project of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Eastern Forest Insects
Whiteford L. Baker, USDA Forest Service, 1972
P.D. A 1.38:1175

Western Forest Insects
R.L. Furniss & V.M. Carolin, USDA Forest Service, 1977
P.D. A 1.38:1339
Manuals devised by the U.S. Forest Service to aid in recognition of insects and their damage in order to determine a course of action for prevention.

Managing the Japanese Beetle: A Homeowner’s Handbook
U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1997
P.D. A 1.68:1599
Booklet detailing the life cycle and spread of the Japanese beetle and actions a homeowner can take to minimize the presence of this pest in yard or garden.

Wood-Inhabiting Insects in Houses: Their Identification, Biology, Prevention and Control
Harry B. Moore, Joint publication between USDA & HUD, 1979
P.D. A 13.2:IN 7/8
Homeowner’s manual detailing the type of damage pests can do to a home and how to control or prevent it. Also contains detailed descriptions of the insect and its habitat requirements.

Caterpillars of Eastern Forests
David L. Wagner, Valerie Giles, Richard C. Reardon, & Michael L. McManus
USDA Forest Service, 1998
P.D. A 13.110/18:9634
Pictures and descriptions of caterpillars in the Eastern United States. Includes both common and scientific names as well as duration and timeframe of caterpillar stage.

Lepidoptra of the Pacific Northwest: Caterpillars and Adults
Jeffery C. Miller & Paul C. Hammond, Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team
USDA Forest Service, 2003
P.D. A 13.110/18:2003-03
239 Species of butterflies, skippers and moths detailed with photographs of both the caterpillar and adult stages for identification. Ecology section presents information on abundance, food, and seasonality.

History of Entomology in World War II
Emory C. Cushing, Smithsonian Institution, 1957
P.D. SI 1.2:EN 8
Historical look at how the US military took proactive measures to protect soldiers from common illnesses that could result in death from insects during wartime.


Many general interest, popular science, or nature magazines regularly feature articles on insects. Here are a few recent examples:

We do have one magazine with a very timely title, though it isn’t really about bugs:

This magazine is full of interesting short stories, poems, and artwork on a large variety of topics.


A search of any web search engine or directory will turn up lots of information on insects. Try a few of these sites as a start: