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October 2006

Gay and Lesbian Resources · Fiction


the cover of Gotta Find Me an Angel

Gotta Find Me an Angel
Brenda Brooks
The unnamed narrator of this agreeable lesbian chick lit offering is a conflicted Toronto film-projectionist. Possessed by the memory of her first lover, Madeline, who died 20 year ago, the narrator’s emotional conflict deepens as her romantic attraction to a talented and sophisticated painter grows.

Pages for You
Elizabeth Brownrigg
Seventeen-year-old Flannery Jansen has just embarked on her first serious love affair, with Anne Arden, a teaching assistant at the college that Flannery attends. This novel movingly details both the joy and pain of a romantic relationship, as Flannery discovers more about herself by discovering her love for Anne.

the cover of Drag King Dreams

Drag King Dreams
Leslie Feinberg
East Village bartender/bouncer Max Rabinowitz is shaken by the news that her transvestite friend, Vicki, with whom she had quarreled earlier, has been murdered. Feinberg provides a complex psychological portrait of a butch lesbian gripped by midlife crisis, amid the contemporary milieu of the “genderqueer.”

Three Junes
Julia Glass
This remarkably assured first novel sketches three summers in the life of a Scottish family, particularly the newly widowed father and the gay oldest son. Though the main characters are reserved people, their painfully lucid awareness of the complexities of their emotional ties to each other fills this book with feeling.

the cover of I Say a Little Prayer

I Say a Little Prayer
E. Lynn Harris
An Africa-American businessman in Atlanta tries to reconcile his bisexual-gay lifestyle with a need for spiritual experience within the black church. Harris, a favorite author here in Cincinnati, takes on a provocative and divisive issue with sensitivity and skill.

In the River Sweet
Patricia Henley
A devoted wife and mother and a devout Catholic, Ruth Anne Bond finds her peaceful life turned upside down when she is contacted by the illegitimate son she relinquished, and when her beloved daughter announces that she’s a lesbian. Ruth Anne must re-examine her choices and her faith in the second novel from National Book Award finalist Henley.

the cover of Uncle Max

Uncle Max
Chris Kenry
Teenaged Dillon, enrolled in summer camp against his will, is desperate for rescue. Enter mysterious, flamboyant Uncle Max. Before Dillon can blink, his life has changed beyond recognition. A madcap adventure plot masks a serious coming-of-age tale in this second novel.

Trace Elements of Random Tea Parties
Felicia Luna Lemus
The Weeping Woman figure of Mexican folklore haunts the present and the past of Leticia Torrez, a young lesbian narrator from Chicago, as she negotiates the Sapphic social scene of contemporary Los Angeles.

the cover of As Meat Loves Salt by Maria McCann

As Meat Loves Salt
Maria McCann
Brooding Jacob Cullen is fleeing the law when he is conscripted into Cromwell’s New Model Army. He is befriended by a Puritan idealist, and the two become army deserters and, later, lovers. This powerful debut novel about outlawed love and radical belief set during the brutal Civil War in 1640s England garnered lavish critical praise.

Alternatives to Sex
Stephen McCauley
The author of The Object of My Affection returns with an entertaining and caustically funny romantic comedy. William Collins is a gay real estate agent in Boston, trying to bolster his flagging career. When his best friend moves to San Francisco, a disoriented William finds himself in the company of a punchy client and a quirky tenant.

the cover of How’s Your Romance?: Concluding the “Buddies” Cycle

How’s Your Romance?: Concluding the “Buddies” Cycle
Ethan Mordden
Mordden wraps up his long-running chronicle of contemporary gay life in New York City, involving the interconnected stories of recurring characters. This impressive five-volume cycle debuted in 1985 with I’ve a Feeling We’re Not in Kansas Anymore: Tales from Gay Manhattan.

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
Leslea Newman
Newman plays with narrative voice in these short stories, offering eleven different takes on lesbian romance. The stories, which range from fond satire to serious stories about death and loss, warmly detail such diverse and universal emotions as the doubt, contentment, grief, and joy, that make up the human experience.

the cover of Summit Avenue

Summit Avenue
Mary Sharratt
This beautifully nuanced novel is set in the early years of the twentieth century. Kathrin Albrecht, a new immigrant to America from Germany, meets wealthy scholar Violet Waverly, who takes her away from her mill job to help translate a collection of folk tales. Kathrin’s own life begins hauntingly to mirror a fairy tale as she falls in love.

Rose of No Man’s Land
Michelle Tea
Neglected, alcoholic, tenth-grader Trisha Driscoll and her new friend, Rose, a fast-food cook, embark on a methamphetamine-fueled breakout-journey of sexual and emotional discovery. This brutal and tender coming-of-age novel unfolds in the course of a single day, with Trisha’s remarkable narrative voice never striking a false note.

the cover of Light, Coming Back

Light, Coming Back
Ann Wadsworth
Sixty-year-old Mercedes Medina is struggling to come to terms with the imminent death of her beloved husband, a brilliant, demanding, older man who has dominated her life. At the same time, new passion blooms for her when she strikes up an acquaintance with a woman half her age. How can Mercedes balance grief and new love? An elegantly pensive debut.

The Night Watch
Sarah Waters
Waters is noted for Victorian melodramas replete with stunning reversals and secret identities. Here she offers a masterful rendering of character and setting, that of wartime London, weaving the stories of four characters—three women and one man—backward in time from postwar England in 1947 to the early years of the conflict in 1941.

the cover of The Brothers Bishop

The Brothers Bishop
Bart Yates
A pair of gay brothers and their friends share an emotional summer’s fortnight at their family’s house in a small Connecticut town on the coast. A moving character study and family drama.


Bleeding Out
Baxter Clare
In a debut set in L.A.’s roughest neighborhood, Lt. “Frank” Franco tracks a serial killer while battling depression caused by her lover’s shooting death. A tough heroine, hard-boiled action, and the gritty reality of police work, are leavened with a touch of unexpected tenderness, as Franco rejoins life.

the cover of An Actor’s Guide to Greed

An Actor’s Guide to Greed
Rick Copp
It seems too perfect an opportunity for gay actor and amateur sleuth Jarrod Jarvis: landing a role in a West End play written by the man responsible for Jarrod’s initial success acting on TV. The production becomes a casting call for murder, however, when the Oscar-winning leading lady drops dead after the first performance.

Bitch Slap
Michael Craft
Journalist Mark Manning sits on the board of Dumont’s two largest employers, Quatro Press and Ashton Mills, which are discussing a merger. After his paper’s society reporter slaps Gillian Reece, Ashton’s CEO, Reece is later murdered. Manning is drawn into an investigation of the homicide that includes the dark secrets of the business community.

the cover of The Iron Girl

The Iron Girl
Ellen Hart
Twin Cities restaurateur Jane Lawless is dating again, years after the death of her partner, Christine, a real estate agent. After she finds a gun among Christine’s possessions, Jane wonders what it was her lover feared. Jane believed, until now, that a shocking murder that victimized Christine’s last client, a prominent Minnesota family, was a coincidence.

Night Work: A Kate Martinelli Novel
Laurie R. King
Someone is killing men who have one thing in common—they have been accused of abusing women. Is it a vigilante group? As public outcry mounts over whether the killings are justified, San Francisco homicide detective Kate Martinelli investigates. Meanwhile, Kate must decide whether or not to raise a child with her lover. A thought-provoking read.

the cover of Rag and Bone

Rag and Bone
Michael Nava
Attorney Henry Rios suffers a heart attack in the courtroom at age forty-nine. His brush with mortality draws him to reconcile with his estranged sister and with the daughter she once gave up for adoption. Defending his new-found niece on a “battered wife syndrome” murder charge may be Henry’s last case. A bittersweet farewell to a popular series.

The Last Blue Plate Special
Abigail Padgett
We first met social psychologist Blue McCarron in 1998’s Blue, with her partner and lover, Roxie, a criminal psychologist. Now, they have been hired to help the San Diego police find a killer who targets prominent, powerful women and leaves behind a blue willow plate as a calling card. Strong characters and tight plotting mark this whodunit.

the cover of Tropic of Murder

Tropic of Murder
Lev Raphael
English Professor Nick Hoffman and his partner, Stephan, trade bureaucratic turmoil at State University of Michigan in winter for a warm week of vacation at a Club Med in the Caribbean. But playful talk of ghosts haunting the tiny island paradise turns deadly serious when the chef de village is found murdered.

Light before Day
Christopher Rice
Adam Murphy, a journalist for a gay men’s magazine, loses his job just before uncovering a sensational story about a serial killer who preys on homosexual men. This West Hollywood mystery/suspense novel marks a notable departure for Rice, the son of horror author Anne Rice.

the cover of The Cutting Room

The Cutting Room
Louise Welsh
Gay Glasgow auction dealer Rilke uncovers evidence of a snuff killing among a pornographic collection in a dead man’s estate. Moved by photos of the victim, he determines to learn her identity and how (or if?) she died. Rilke’s journey takes him to the seedy center of the city’s sex trade in a compelling and atmospheric thriller.

Moth and Flame John Morgan Wilson
The murder of actor-writer Bruce Bibby, who was working on a pamphlet about historic West Hollywood, leaves gay journalist-sleuth Benjamin Justice with two tasks: complete the writing project, and find Bibby’s killer. Wilson invokes the lore and legends of Hollywood in the course of Justices’ sleuthing in this sixth strong showing.

Everyone’s Dead But Us
Mark Richard Zubro
Tom Mason and Scott Carpenter are vacationing at an exclusive gay resort on a remote Greek Island when murder rears its ugly head. Isolated by a terrible storm, the partners attempt to identify the killer who has, by this time, struck more than once. A venerable gay mystery series.