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October 2006

Gay and Lesbian Resources · Books for Teens

the cover of Dare, Truth or Promise

Dare, Truth or Promise
Paula Boock
Willa and Louie meet while working together in a restaurant and, instantly, attracted to one another, they embark on a passionate and tumultuous relationship. The girls face many problems along the way including Louie’s disapproving mother. Great for older readers.

Geography Club
Brent Hartinger
Russel thinks he is the only gay person in his whole town but then he finds out his secret crush and one of his best friends is gay. They form the most boring after school club they can think of, a geography club, as a cover, but when Russel’s best friend wants to include the school outcast in the group, Russel is afraid everyone will find out their secret.

the cover of Totally Joe

Totally Joe
James Howe
Twelve-year-old Joe has a school assignment to write his alphabiography (his life from A to Z) and learns a lot about himself and his life along the way. Great for younger readers.

The Bermudez Triangle
Maureen Johnson
Nina, Avery and Melanie have been best friends forever, but the summer before their senior year puts their friendship to the test. When Nina goes away for the summer, Melanie falls in love with Avery and the two begin to date. By the summer’s end Melanie and Avery are no longer speaking and Nina doesn’t know if she can handle the fact that her two best friends are gay.

the cover of Absolutely, Positively Not

Absolutely, Positively Not
David Larouchelle
Stephen, 16, tries to convince himself that he is not gay with some hilarious results, including taking a dog to his prom!

Boy Meets Boy
David Levithan
“different” is a good thing. When Paul falls in love with Noah, his ex-boyfriend Kyle comes between them and the whole school takes bets to see who Paul will take to the school dance.

Keeping You A Secret
Julie Anne Peters
Holland is the perfect everything, perfect daughter, perfect student, and perfect girlfriend. But then Holland breaks up with her boyfriend, starts flunking tests and her mom throws her out of the house all because she falls in love with a girl. Great for older readers.

the cover of Empress of the World

Empress of the World
Sara Ryan
Fifteen-year-old Nicola goes away to attend classes at a summer institute for gifted youths. While she is there she meets and falls in love with another girl named Battle. But when Battle breaks up with Nicola to date a boy, Nicola is confused and upset and reaches out to her other friends for comfort and understanding and learns something about herself along the way.

Rainbow Boys
Alex Sanchez
Nelson, Kyle and Jason are spending their senior year coping with coming to terms with their sexual identity and falling in love. Nelson is out and proud. He is in love with his best friend Kyle, but Nelson is the only person who knows Kyle is gay. Kyle’s own secret crush on Jason is complicated by Jason’s reluctance to face his own sexual identity.