October 2008

Jobs and Careers · Interviewing


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Top Answers to 121 Job Interview Questions
Joe McDermott

The Career Coward's Guide to Interviewing: Sensible Strategies for Overcoming Job Search Fears
Katy Piotrowski

Competency-Based Interviews
Robin Kressler

Hire Me, Inc.: Interviews That Get Offers
Roy J. Blitzer

Job Interviews for Dummies
Joyce Lain Kennedy

Nail the Job Interview!: 101 Dynamite Answers to Interview Questions
Caryl Rae Krannich


Learning Express Library. This database offers a step-by-step tutorial on how to prepare for and ace the interview to get the job you want.

Ohio Career Information System. This database offers a wealth of information about interviewing. Just click on “Job Search” to learn about how to prepare for an interview, and also view sample interview questions.


Yahoo! HotJobs—Interviewing. Tips on everything—from what to wear, to handling tough interview questions, to dealing with interview stress.