October 2008

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the cover of Career Comeback

Career Comeback: 8 Steps to Getting Back on Your Feet When You're Fired, Laid Off, or Your Business Venture Has Failed--and Finding More Job Satisfaction Than Ever
Bradley G. Richardson

Finding a Job After 50: Reinvent Yourself for the 21st Century
Jeannette A. Woodward

Fired, Laid Off or Forced Out: A Complete Guide to Severance, Benefits, and Your Rights When You're Starting Over

Fired, Laid Off, Out of a Job: A Manual for Understanding, Coping, Surviving
Byron K. Simerson

Suddenly Unemployed: Encouraging & Practical Steps for Finding a Job
Helen Kooiman Hosier

Your Rights in the Workplace
Barbara Kate Repa


Hamilton County Helping Working Families. Learn how to connect to job opportunities and training resources, reduce medical costs, and avoid foreclosure.

Department of Job and Family Services--Office of Unemployment Compensation. Information and resources for people seeking unemployment benefits.

Job-Hunt.org. Advice and tips on how to prepare for, and survive, layoffs.

U.S. Department of Labor -Employment & Training Administration. Programs and services for workers who have been laid off, or are anticipating a lay off.

WebMD.com. Health care tips to those who have lost their jobs.