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cover image of All Our Worst Ideas

All Our Worst Ideas

Vicky Skinner

Skinner (How to Breathe Underwater, 2018) returns with a powerful story about two teens who have little in common but become friends, confidantes and then something more. Amy badly needs a distraction. On the eve of becoming valedictorian and getting into her dream school, she decides to take a job at Spirits, a record store. Her co-worker, Oliver isn't so sure about Amy who's his complete opposite. The one thing he's certain about is his decision not to go to college. As they work the late shift together and spar over top 10 lists, Amy and Oliver discover they share a common bond--music.

cover image of The Challenger

The Challenger

Taran Matharu

In the second book in Matharu's Contender trilogy, the qualifying round is over, but the Game is just beginning and the stakes are higher than ever. During the first fight, Cade Carter and his friends were decimated, but they have no time to rest or grieve because another round is ready to begin in a little over a month. When the group discovers that their next foe will be even more ferocious than the last, Cade leads them on a quest to learn more about the mysterious and deadly world of Acies to find anything that might give them an edge. But what they discover could prove even more dangerous than the impending battle!

cover image of Star Daughter

Star Daughter

Shveta Thakrar

Thakrar’s contemporary fantasy debut was inspired by Hindu mythology. Years ago, 16-year-old Sheetal Mistry's mother, a star named Charumati, returned to the heavens. Now she lives in an Indian American community in New Jersey with her mortal father and sister. When an accidental burst of her starfire critically wounds her father, Sheetal must obtain a drop of a star's blood to cure him. Her quest takes her to a wonderful and dark celestial court where she hopes to find her mother. There Sheetal is forced to represent her family in a competition to determine the sky’s next ruling house. If she wins, her family will control the constellations, but if she loses, Sheetal risks never returning to Earth.

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