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cover image of Fugitive Six

Fugitive Six

Pittacus Lore

Pittacus Lore’s sequel to Generation One (2017) is a fast-paced and action-packed sci-fi adventure. The Human Garde Academy was created in the aftermath of an alien invasion of Earth. It provides a safe haven for teens like Taylor Cook who are developing incredible powers known as Legacies. When she's mysteriously kidnapped, Taylor's super-powered friends break every rule in the book to save her. In the process, they uncover a secret organization that may have planted a spy at their school and orchestrated the disappearance of other teens. Now these friends, who are known as the Fugitive Six, must work together to bring this mysterious group to an end before they can hurt anyone else.

cover image of Not the Girls You're Looking for

Not the Girls You're Looking for

Aminah Mae Safi

In Safi’s debut, Lulu Saad a Muslim-American teen is ready to tackle her junior year and conquer the world with her three best friends by her side. She considers herself both American and Arab, but to many of her classmates, she’s a Muslim terrorist. But Lulu defies normal stereotypes because although she celebrates Ramadan, she also drinks, smokes, and loves to hook up with boys. After she causes a scene at an out of control party during Ramadan, Lulu's reputation seems to be ruined forever. If she can't find her way out of this mess, she’ll have to do more than repair friendships and family alliances. Lulu will have to put back the pieces of her life, take a good look at herself, and come to terms with who she really is.

cover image of The Ruinous Sweep

The Ruinous Sweep

Tim Wynne-Jones

Award-wining author Tim Wynne-Jones (Emperor of Any Place, 2015) delivers an eerie murder mystery that will keep readers in suspense until the very end. On the night Donovan Turner is thrown out of a car in the middle of nowhere, he can't remember his own name, let alone the past twenty-four hours. In an attempt to flag down help, he startles a driver and causes a fatal accident. In desperation, Donovan grabs the dead driver’s briefcase, flees the scene and assumes the victim's identity. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Bee learns that Donovan is the prime suspect in the death of his father. With no memory, he's forced to rely on her to prove his innocence and clear his name, even if it means putting Bee in considerable danger.

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