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Stephen Wallenfels

Wallenfels' (Bad Call, 2017) survival story is told in flashbacks that unravel the tangled circumstances that led twin brothers Ty and Cory Bic to escape to the Oregon wilderness. For some time they've been paying for the crimes of their cruel and abusive father while trying to carve out a future for themselves. In a stolen car on a lonely stretch of a treacherous mountain road, the brothers narrowly avoid hitting a dying deer. Fresh tire tracks lead them to a wrecked car lying in a ravine that appears to have been abandoned. But what Ty and Cory discover in the trunk throws the boys into a dangerous situation more sinister than their wildest nightmares.

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The Disasters

M. K. England

England’s debut is a laugh-out-loud sci-fi adventure full of non-stop action, strong feminist messages, and a diverse list of characters. It's the year 2194 and hotshot pilot Nax Alexander Hall is mortified when, on his first day, he’s expelled from Ellis Station Academy. His one-way trip back to earth is cut short when the station is attacked by extremists. Nax and three other Academy rejects manage to steal a shuttle and make a daring escape. Forced to crash land on a nearby colony, they discover they've been framed for the devastating attack. With the terrorists on their tail, Nax and his friends have only days to secure their freedom and save the colonies.

cover image of This Lie Will Kill You

This Lie Will Kill You

Chelsea Pitcher

In Pitcher’s (The Last Faerie Queen, 2015) page-turning thriller, one year ago, at a Christmas party, someone died. Five teens were partly responsible for the death and since the party no one has told the truth about what really happened. But now the survivors are reunited at an isolated mansion where they expect to compete in a contest with a $50,000 grand prize. Each of them is so desperate for the money that they never stop to question the odd, rather exclusive invitation. Slowly the five learn they've been lured by a person bent on revenge who will stop at nothing to uncover what actually occurred on that deadly night.

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