Say Cheese: Books About Photography

For Younger Teens

Cover of Spitting Image Spitting Image
Shutta Crum
YA fiction
When reporters come to her Kentucky town, twelve-year-old Jessie hatches a plan to make enough money to help her friend Robert buy the new pair of glasses he desperately needs. Jesse begins charging the reporters for showing them around town as they take pictures of the “local color.” But when the photographs don’t turn out how she had imagined, Jesse learns that even the best plans can backfire.
Pictures, 1918
Jeanette Ingold
YA fiction
Growing up in a small Texas town during World War I, fifteen-year-old Asia uses her love of photography to explore the challenges in her life including her romantic feelings about her best friends, Nick, and his cousin, Boy.
Spite Fences
Trudy Krisher
YA fiction
In 1960s Georgia, thirteen-year-old Maggie uses photography to examine the evil around her, including her mother’s abusive behavior and the bigotry of many whites in her hometown.
Cover of Stop Pretending: What Happened When My Big Sister Went Crazy Stop Pretending: What Happened When My Big Sister Went Crazy
Sonya Sones
YA fiction
When Cookie’s older sister has a nervous breakdown, Cookie’s life changes forever as her parents marriage begins to fall apart and many of her old friends don’t want anything to do with her. But through her photography and a romance with a new boy in school, Cookie begins to mend her broken heart.
Carolina Autumn
Carol Lynch Williams
YA fiction
Fourteen year-old Carolina McKinney tries to make a fresh start after the death of her father and sister in a plane crash by expressing her grief, sorrow and hope for the future through her newly discovered love of photography.
Cover of Razzle Razzle
Ellen Wittlinger
YA fiction
Inspired by his friendship with Razzle, an unusual and eccentric girl, Ken embarks on a journey of self-discovery through his photography.
Gordon Parks
S. L. Berry
770.92 P252Zb 1991
An overview of the life and work of famous photographer Gordon Parks from the Black Americans of Achievement series.
Prairie Vision: The Life and Times of Solomon Butcher
Pam Conrad
770.92 qB983Zc 1991
A collection of photos and stories about Solomon Butcher and his work as a photographer of turn-of-the-century Nebraska.
Snapshot: America Discovers the Camera
Ken Czech
770.973 C998 1996
What would America be like if the camera had never been invented? This history of photography explores the impact of the camera on American history and culture.
Cover of American Photographers: Capturing the Image American Photographers: Capturing the Image
Ann Gaines
770.92273 G142 2002
Brief overviews of the lives of ten famous photographers, including information on birth, career and personal life.
A Female Focus: Great Women Photographers
Margot F. Horwitz
770.92273 H824 1996
A look at influential female photographers, including biographical information and examples of their work.
Mathew Brady: Photographer of the Civil War
Lynda Pflueger
770.92 B812Zpf 2001
An introduction to the life and work of a pioneering 19th century photographer who is known for his portraits of politicians and his project to document every phase of the Civil War through photographs.
Cover of In Real Life:  Six Women Photographers In Real Life: Six Women Photographers
Leslie Sills
770.922 qS584 2000
An introduction to pioneering female photographers whose work spans nearly a century and to the events that influenced their lives and work.
Black artists in Photography, 1840–1940
George Sullivan
770.922 S949 1996
A thorough examination of the work of several black photographers, including Jules Lion, Cornelius M. Battey and Addison Scurlock.
Margaret Bourke White: Daring Photographer
Sara McIntosh Wooten
770.92 B774Zwo 2002
Bourke-White’s career as an innovative photographer, her personal life, marriage and struggle with Parkinson’s disease are examined in detail.

For Older Teens

Cover of Picture Perfect Picture Perfect
Elaine Marie Alphin
YA fiction
When his best friend mysteriously disappears, Ian Slater, a gifted photographer, is forced to confront his abusive father in order to solve the mystery of what happened to his friend.
One Shot
Susan Glick
YA fiction
When fifteen-year-old Lonnie decides to spend the summer with her dad and step-mom, she figures her summer will be full of lazy days hanging out at the pool. Then she lands a job with a talented but crotchety old photographer and Lonnie’s view of the world changes forever.
Shooting Monarchs
John Halliday
YA fiction
By the time Macy is eighteen, he is a shoplifter, car thief and a murderer. Sixteen-year-old Danny spends his time taking photographs of monarch butterflies and thinking about the most beautiful and popular girl in town, Leah. When these two boys meet, terrifying things happen.
Cover of Born Confused Born Confused
Tanuja Desai Hidier
YA fiction
Dimple Lala is a seventeen-year-old, Indian-American teenager trying to fit in. Her immigrant parents don't like her "rebellious" American ways, including her obsession with photography and her dating habits.
Shell House
Linda Newbery
YA fiction
While photographing a burned-out English mansion, seventeen-year-old Greg meets Faith, a religious girl with whom he discusses life, love, spirituality and his confusing feelings about his own sexuality.
Shadow Catcher: The Life and Work of Edward S. Curtis
Laurie Lawlor
770.92 qC978ZL 1994
An overview of the life and struggles of Edward Curtis, who devoted thirty years of his life to a massive project to document the culture and traditions of the North American Indian through photographs.
MTV Photobooth
779.2 M939 2002
This collection contains photographs of over 200 celebrities, as you’ve never seen them before.
Cover of Restless Spirit: The Life and Work of Dorothea Lange Restless Spirit: The Life and Work of Dorothea Lange
Elizabeth Partridge
770.92 qL274Zp 1998
Diary entries, interviews, letters and more than sixty of her photographs provide a unique and personal view of the famous photographer.
Something Permanent
Walker Evans
811.54 E921s 1994
Walker Evans famous photographs of ordinary peoples’ lives are paired with short poems to create a heart-wrenching view of life during the Great Depression.
Witness to Our Times: My Life as a Photojournalist
Flip Schulke
070.49092 qS386Zs 2003
A look back at the life and career of one of the most important photojournalists of the twentieth century. Schulke snapped photographs of Elvis Presley, Muhammad Ali, John F. Kennedy, and many more.

How-To Guides

Cover of Basic 35mm Photo Guide for Beginning Photographers Basic 35mm Photo Guide for Beginning Photographers
771.32 qA371 1997
This very quick, very basic guide is a great place for beginning photographers to start.
Lee Frost
771 qF939 2000
Beginning and experienced photographers will find everything they need to know, from buying a camera to selecting film to developing pictures, in this comprehensive guide.
Photography for Dummies
Russell Hart
771 H326 1998
Beginning with the basics, chapters in this easy-to-use guide each cover a single topic, including film, flash and composition. Great for amateur photographers.
Point and Shoot: How to Take Great Pictures with Automatic Cameras
Lou Jacobs
771.32 qJ17 1993
An easy-to-use guide for beginning photographers looking to try out their automatic camera.
Handbook of Photography
Ronald Lovell
770 L911 1997
This technical guide offers basic information on the parts of a camera, operating a camera, lenses and filters, developing film, plus information about photography ethics and careers in photography.
Cover of Multimedia: Digital Photography Multimedia: Digital Photography
Alex May
778.3 M466 2000
Part of the Essential Computers series, this title contains guidelines for purchasing a digital camera, taking good photographs, and manipulating digital photos on a PC.
Black & White Photography for 35mm: A Guide to Photography
Richard Mizdal
771.32 qM685 2000
Beginning photographers will find basic information on using a camera, developing film and print making.
Using Your Camera: A Basic Guide to 35mm Photography
George Schaub
771.32 qS313 1990
This visual guide to beginning photography offers concise information on the basics of taking good photographs, including composition and exposure.

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