Eliza Potter [1820–?]


This exhibit was created by Sandy Bolek (Internet Site Coordinator), Denis Daly (Librarian, History & Genealogy Department), Robert Ireton (Programmer/Analyst), M’Lissa Kesterman (Assistant Manager, Rare Books & Special Collections Department), Dave Rohs (Graphic Artist), Patricia Van Skaik (History & Genealogy Department), and Janet Windsor (Graphic Artist).

Voice of Eliza Potter provided by Carolyn Davis.

Text of narrative taken from and inspired by A Hairdresser’s Experience in High Life (Eliza Potter, 1859).

Music from The Library of Congress Archive of Folk Culture and performed by John Moores.

Images scanned from material in the History & Genealogy and Rare Books & Special Collections Departments. For additional information about Reflections on the River: Three Voices from Cincinnati’s Past or to request permission to reproduce any of exhibit’s images, please contact Sandy Bolek by phone (513-369-3172) or .

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