Eliza Potter [1820–?]

Although my people are free in Cincinnati, it is impossible to avoid the long shadow cast by slavery. Slave catchers prowl the streets of the city in search of runaways. Businessmen and planters from the South often bring slaves with them when they visit the city.

I was once approached by a slave in Kentucky who asked me if I knew of a spot on this wide earth where he could be free. I frankly told him all I knew of Canada. He later escaped and for this conversation I was arrested as accessory to the deed… I was removed to Louisville where I was, for three months, a prisoner. After a trial in which I declared that I recognized no crime in what I had done, I was acquitted and permitted to go free ever afterward in both free and slave states.

Fugitive slave notice from the Louisville Journal, August 11, 1852Fugitive slave notice from the Louisville Journal, August 11, 1852
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