Frances Trollope [1779–1863]

Daily Life in Cincinnati...

Perhaps the most advantageous feature in Cincinnati is its market, which for excellence, abundance, and cheapness, can hardly, I should think, be surpassed in any part of the world...

It is the custom for the gentlemen to go to market in Cincinnati; the smartest men in the place and those of the “highest standing” ... leave their beds with the sun, six days in the week, and prepared with a mighty basket, sally forth in search of meat, butter, eggs, and vegetables. I have seen them returning, with their weighty basket on one arm and an enormous ham depending from the other.

Many waggon-loads of enormous watermelons were brought to market every day, and I was sure to see groups of men, women, and children seated on the pavement round the spot where they were sold, sucking in prodigious quantities of this watery fruit. ... When I first tasted this fruit I thought it very vile indeed, but before the end of the season we all learned to like it.

Gentleman returning from market
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