James S. Wise [1830–1890]


This exhibit was created by Sandy Bolek (Internet Site Coordinator), Denis Daly (Librarian, History & Genealogy Department), Robert Ireton (Programmer/Analyst), M’Lissa Kesterman (Assistant Manager, Rare Books & Special Collections Department), Dave Rohs (Graphic Artist), Patricia Van Skaik (History & Genealogy Department), and Janet Windsor (Graphic Artist).

Voice of James S. Wise provided by Andy Balterman.

Letters of James S. Wise written by M’Lissa Kesterman, based on her extensive historical research on events in Captain Wise’s life.

Music performed by John Moores, Martin O’Connor, and Dave Rohs.

Images scanned from material in the Magazines & Newspapers and Rare Books & Special Collections Departments. For additional information about Reflections on the River: Three Voices from Cincinnati’s Past or to request permission to reproduce any of exhibit’s images, please contact Sandy Bolek by phone (513-369-3172) or .

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